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3 Essential Tips For Frozen Food Transportation- Our Expert’s Advise!

For all sorts of perishable goods or important pharmaceutical products that demand extra care and specific refrigerated temperature, refrigerated transportation has proven quite apt for their transportation.

Due to its particular requirements, the demand for refrigerated transport is increasing with every passing day. Other than maintaining temperature control, such refrigerated transport trucks also tightly comply with all safety compliance all across the country to keep those goods safe, and in usable condition.

So, if you run a food chain business and have perishable goods to deport from point A-B, then “JD Refrigerated Transport” has a solid reputation in providing refrigerated transport logistics as per the agreed-upon distribution time-schedule.

When deporting your precious perishables; we always maintain our products based on ‘HACCP- Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’ principles. Our diligent transit specialists meet all Food Safety Program as per the ‘Food Production Act 2000’.

Tips For Frozen Food Transportation

Transporting frozen food is always a risky task. And being a critical part of your business, (particularly in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage sector); you need some measures to keep them from spoiling. 

3 Keys To Safe And Adequate Refrigerated Food Delivery:- 

1. Precise Temperature Regulation 

The first important aspect needed in carrying out a safe and adequate refrigerated food delivery is precise temperature regulation. If the temperature of the transit truck is too high, it will even encourage microbial growth.

Whereas, if the temperature is too low, then it could also damage those perishable goods, making them unfit for consumption or usage.

Luckily- striving to become a notable frozen food transport in Gold Coast; we ensure precise temperature control best-suited to keep your goods in top condition. Regardless of our single cartoon delivery truck or an 8-pallet load truck; our experts will always ensure optimal quality when tackling and deporting temperature-sensitive goods.

2. GPS Tracking 

Keeping a close track of all your perishable goods is very important. There’s no telling what adversity or happenstance comes about during the transit. Furthermore; a business often need to maintain time-critical schedules. Having GPS tracking systems in trucks does make a big difference in ensuring- firstly the condition of the goods and secondly if the schedules are met or not.

On-time delivery is very important in a supply chain business. If the demand is high, then the supply needs to be as per the agreed schedules. If not, then businesses run the risk of losing their prime customers, and along with them their profit-making prospects.

Having dealt with so many top- business over our servitude; we fit in quality GPS trackers and other necessary state-of-the-art-technology. This allows us to ensure both the quality of your temperature-sensitive goods and reputation of your supply chain business stays intact.

3. Trained Personnel With Chain Of Responsibility (COR) Responsibility

It goes without saying that handling frozen goods is very different from handling other regular items. Most of them are very sensitive and need to be dealt with extra care and precautions. What you need are trained and experienced personnel who carry out proper maintenance on the refrigerated fleet.

Furthermore, they should also legislate ‘Chain Of Responsibility’ (COR) that includes:- on-road behaviour, safety and control of your goods and 3 sets of regulations.

  • Fatigue Management
  • Speed Compliance
  • And Mass Dimension & Loading Obligations

Our specialised refrigerated transport personnel implements ‘Safety Management System’ to proactively identify and manage risks that inherent in transit and warehousing operations.

“Your perishable goods will remain safe with us right from the time we load them on to our trucks, till the time we hand it over to you.”

If you require a trusted and reputed refrigerated transport service provider form your Gold Coast operations, call us @ 1300 588 022.

Why Fibreglass is Preferred Over Steel Body for Refrigerated Vehicles?

Although previously steel-bodied trucks were being used for refrigerated transportation needs, recently, the use of fibreglass has successfully replaced it. Fibreglass is basically a composite material the principal element of it is plastic, and it is further reinforced with the use of small glass fibres.

So, basically, the most significant benefits of using fibreglass are, it is lightweight compared to steel, and on the other hand, it is considered as a bad conductor of heat. These two features make this material ideal to be used for any refrigeration unit.

Let’s get to know some more details about the benefits of fibreglass based refrigerated truck units in the following section.

Freight Transport Brisbane

  • Heat Lock Mechanism

The very first benefit of using fibreglass based vehicles for freight transport in Brisbane is, of course, its heat lock mechanism. The insulation level of fibreglass is exceptionally high. It is a proven fact that the fibreglass refrigerated trucks have at least 20%-30% more thermal efficiency compared to the vehicles using steel panels.

The material blocks the heat from affecting the truck from outside. It never lets the heat from entering inside the truck even when there are no additional mechanical fasteners available there that can restrict the moisture to pass through. Fibreglass effectively allow the colder temperature to remain trapped and stay stable inside the truck, keeping the products in good condition.

  • Better Payload Capacity

It has been witnessed time and again that the fibreglass based freight transportation means have better payload capacity. Especially when it comes to transporting or delivering heavyweight products or material, you might have to look for a steel panel truck that is bigger in size. On the other hand, you can hire a smaller vehicle when the exterior is made using fibreglass.

  • Increased Life Cycle

Considering the decay rate of both fibreglass and steel, it can be easily said that steel has a faster decay rate compared to that of fibreglass. It has been found out that most of the vehicle insurance companies offer 10 years of life cycle insurance for the fibreglass based trucks, whereas the same insurance company offers 5 years of insurance plan for the steel trucks.

  • Low Running Cost

Another advantage of the fibreglass being light in weight is, the running cost gets reduced automatically. The customers can quickly get the benefits such as better fuel economy and usage of less electricity. The refrigerated transport is often considered as an expensive affair. However, for frozen food transport in Brisbane, with this low running cost, it becomes easier for the freight companies to ask for a lesser rental as well.

Final Words

Along with the benefits mentioned above, the fibreglass based trucks are easy to maintain compared to the steel trucks too. So, when it comes down to selecting a refrigerated truck for better efficiency at a low price, fibreglass based vehicles are undoubtedly the best option you have.

Are you searching for a reliable refrigerated transport company? JD Refrigerated Transport can prove to be the best option for you offering services in your local area. Call 1300 588 022.