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Are You Aware of Temperature Danger Zone?

Employing a temperature monitor for your cold chain transportation is one of the best ways to keep them effective and consumption safe. As per the food safety standards, all potentially hazardous food should be stored, showcased and deported at its optimal temperature.

Business owners / food supply chain heads must understand how important it is to keep your food supply at these appropriate temperatures to prevent food poisoning bacteria.

There is always a bacterial presence in the food, and if not kept in the right temperature, they tend to multiply to perilous levels. More specifically, such bacterial growth happens between 5°C and 60°C, and this is referred to in industrial terms as the ‘Temperature Danger Zone‘.

The most prolific bacterial growth happens around 37°C, which is the temperature of the human body.

Potentially Hazardous Food Components:

  • Raw, cooked and contained meat like curries, meat pies, casseroles and lasagne.
  • All dairy products like cream, custard, milk, and dairy-based desserts.
  • Raw, cooked and even contained seafood like seafood salad.
  • Vegetables and fruits that have been processed or prepared as ready-to-eat-fruit pack or salads.
  • Prepared rice or pasta.
  • Processed edibles containing eggs, nuts, beans, soya bean products and quiche.
  • Sandwiches, pasta salads and rice salads having most of the aforementioned edibles.

How ‘JD Refrigerated Transport’ Keeps Your Food Out Of DANGER ZONE?

Frozen Goods Transport

We Keep Your Cold Food Cold And Hot Food Hot

By regulating our refrigeration storage below 5°C because this is where the majority of the food bacteria starts to grow slowly.

To avert this; we at ‘JD Refrigerated Transport’; your premier cold logistics provider in Brisbane use a thermometer to know that the temperature stays around 4°C -5°C. For frozen food components keep them at -15°C.

Another thing we do is ensure our trucks have ample space to ensure proper air circulation even when all foods are loaded.

Freshly prepared meals (not for instant consumption) must be cooked below the danger zone asap. Keeping this in mind; our temperature monitoring specialists divide those food components into small containers and keep them in the freezer immediately after it ceases to steam.

As for hot food components; our experts preserve them at 60°C or warmer. We also employ the 2 hour / 4 hour rule, which states how long can food be held safely between temperature reading of 5°C and 60°C.

As per the rule:- “It takes a little over four hours for the already present food bacteria to accelerate and reach the danger levels”.

We Follow Our Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Principle

All our frozen food transport experts in Brisbane operate under the Food Safety Program to ensure the stored edibles are maintained, always. Our program is on HACCP principle that assists in mapping out the whole supply chain, identifying all key areas and conducting appropriate check-ups and inspections.

Furthermore; this program also allows us to detect issues and mitigate the potential threats to save your money and confidence in us. It is how we tackle and deal with this danger zone for food chain for all our clients and still give them 100% service satisfaction.

We promise to do the same for your business supply chain. If you have a requirement feel free to call at 1300 588 022.

Why Refrigerated Transport is Such a Hot Topic in Food Industry

Food industry and refrigerated transport or cold chain logistics go hand in hand – to start with! But for cold chain logistics, it is practically impossible to ferry enough food to every nook and cranny of a country. Hence, the food industry has to rely heavily on cold chain management. That is the reason why top companies offering refrigerated transport service enjoy such a prominent status today.

More so, the ones that are experienced, come up with state-of-the-art refrigerated vehicles and other facilities, making them indispensable in food transportation. That is why, when it comes to putting stakes on refrigerated transport companies, experienced companies like JD Refrigerated Transport always make a difference. We come up with an impeccable transport service that will meet your every customised need.

Refrigerated Transport
Nevertheless, let us first discuss the fundamental advantages that refrigerated transport offers to the food industry.

It Increases Shelf Life

Almost one-third of the food produced is wasted even before it can find its way to household kitchens. A sizeable amount of groceries in Australia goes down the drain simply because before they reach their respective destination, they become unfit for consumption. This is where the efficacy of refrigerated transport in Lockyer Valley lies. The companies that come up with refrigerated transport have a fleet of trucks and vans of various capacities that help transport of food and other perishable items in a controlled atmosphere.

Some companies even have refrigerated warehouses for the storage of such products in case they have to transport goods to far off places. These warehouses become an indispensable part of the cold food chain logistics. These units come in to play when the transit of these products involve overnight journeys or stacking things at vantage points to facilitate subsequent movement to nearby outlets. Naturally, all these increase the shelf life of the goods in a significant way! If this does not help the food industry, what else would?

It Helps to Protect Environment

Food cold chain management goes a long way in protecting the environment as well. As this new technology helps prevent spoilage of foodstuff, it indirectly has a positive effect on the environment.

The reason is simple enough to apprehend. When foods spoil during transit, there is no other way but to throw them away and they decay in landfills. Thus, an effective cold food chain logistics always have a positive effect on the environment.

It Assists in Economic Growth and Health Improvement

Unblemished transportation of foodstuff to every nook and cranny of the country casts a positive effect on the economy. The economy flourishes with more revenue flowing into the companies’ coffer and subsequently into the government‘s treasury, and these transport services have a huge role to play.

Besides, the fact that cold transport helps in the preservation of nutrients in the foodstuff also has a positive impact on consumers’ health. Hence, the overall health improves as well.

Therefore, you see, cold food chain management has so some many significant effects on society. Proper handling of foodstuff throughout supply chain saves lives, it reduces healthcare expenses and prevents lawsuits.

Experienced refrigerated transport service providers like JD Refrigerated Transport play a HUGE role in this. Hence, if you need refrigerated transport, put your money on us. We will come up with customised service that will not only live up to your expectations but will go beyond!

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