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3 Essential Tips For Frozen Food Transportation- Our Expert’s Advise!

For all sorts of perishable goods or important pharmaceutical products that demand extra care and specific refrigerated temperature, refrigerated transportation has proven quite apt for their transportation.

Due to its particular requirements, the demand for refrigerated transport is increasing with every passing day. Other than maintaining temperature control, such refrigerated transport trucks also tightly comply with all safety compliance all across the country to keep those goods safe, and in usable condition.

So, if you run a food chain business and have perishable goods to deport from point A-B, then “JD Refrigerated Transport” has a solid reputation in providing refrigerated transport logistics as per the agreed-upon distribution time-schedule.

When deporting your precious perishables; we always maintain our products based on ‘HACCP- Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’ principles. Our diligent transit specialists meet all Food Safety Program as per the ‘Food Production Act 2000’.

Tips For Frozen Food Transportation

Transporting frozen food is always a risky task. And being a critical part of your business, (particularly in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage sector); you need some measures to keep them from spoiling. 

3 Keys To Safe And Adequate Refrigerated Food Delivery:- 

1. Precise Temperature Regulation 

The first important aspect needed in carrying out a safe and adequate refrigerated food delivery is precise temperature regulation. If the temperature of the transit truck is too high, it will even encourage microbial growth.

Whereas, if the temperature is too low, then it could also damage those perishable goods, making them unfit for consumption or usage.

Luckily- striving to become a notable frozen food transport in Gold Coast; we ensure precise temperature control best-suited to keep your goods in top condition. Regardless of our single cartoon delivery truck or an 8-pallet load truck; our experts will always ensure optimal quality when tackling and deporting temperature-sensitive goods.

2. GPS Tracking 

Keeping a close track of all your perishable goods is very important. There’s no telling what adversity or happenstance comes about during the transit. Furthermore; a business often need to maintain time-critical schedules. Having GPS tracking systems in trucks does make a big difference in ensuring- firstly the condition of the goods and secondly if the schedules are met or not.

On-time delivery is very important in a supply chain business. If the demand is high, then the supply needs to be as per the agreed schedules. If not, then businesses run the risk of losing their prime customers, and along with them their profit-making prospects.

Having dealt with so many top- business over our servitude; we fit in quality GPS trackers and other necessary state-of-the-art-technology. This allows us to ensure both the quality of your temperature-sensitive goods and reputation of your supply chain business stays intact.

3. Trained Personnel With Chain Of Responsibility (COR) Responsibility

It goes without saying that handling frozen goods is very different from handling other regular items. Most of them are very sensitive and need to be dealt with extra care and precautions. What you need are trained and experienced personnel who carry out proper maintenance on the refrigerated fleet.

Furthermore, they should also legislate ‘Chain Of Responsibility’ (COR) that includes:- on-road behaviour, safety and control of your goods and 3 sets of regulations.

  • Fatigue Management
  • Speed Compliance
  • And Mass Dimension & Loading Obligations

Our specialised refrigerated transport personnel implements ‘Safety Management System’ to proactively identify and manage risks that inherent in transit and warehousing operations.

“Your perishable goods will remain safe with us right from the time we load them on to our trucks, till the time we hand it over to you.”

If you require a trusted and reputed refrigerated transport service provider form your Gold Coast operations, call us @ 1300 588 022.

The Most Frequent Challenges Faced by Cold Couriers

Cold chain management is one of the mainstays of the modern logistics system. In fact, but for an effective cold transport system, the scenario of contemporary logistics would have never been the same again.

Before we discuss the challenges faced by the cold chain management companies, let us first know what cold chain management is. Technically speaking, it can be defined as a temperature-controlled or temperature conditioned supply chain.

From the production point of view, cold chain refers to an unabated supply of refrigerated activities related to production, storage as well as distribution. It is coupled with associated logistics and equipment that are designed to maintain a specific temperature range. However, in doing so, a lot of challenges come, and it is the responsibility of these cold couriers to overcome these challenges.

That is the reason, experience and expertise always count in cold chain management and companies that are expert in this niche excel more than their comparatively less fancied competitors. Therefore, putting money on reputed names like JD Refrigerated Transport pays off. Here is a brief account of the challenges that we have to overcome to provide quality service to our clients.


1. Lack of Documentation

Documentation is a significant chapter in cold chain management. It helps in recording the product storage conditions that the courier companies can refer to. However, the consigners at times skip this step either due to mistakes or sheer negligence. They at times, even do not download the data loggers out of utter laxity. When this vital step is skipped, the cold couriers face immense difficulty in verifying the safety clauses and act accordingly.

This can leave all the parties in stake, exposed to potential charges or additional claims for the damage the good to be transported. Compliance with controlled temperature instructions is possible only when there is proper documentation.

When there is a lack of it, it is the experience of the transportation that comes into play. Cold couriers in Brisbane that face this challenge overcome it by sheer experience. This is why putting money on experienced names in cold chain management pays off.

2. Imperfect Packaging and Issues Related To Product Quality

This is another challenge that these companies have to deal with. There are occasions, when inadequate or improper packaging and sanitising may pose problems for the goods to be transported.

Again, this happens due to the utter negligence of the consigner. When that happens, it is the responsibility of the courier companies to make amends.

Again, this is a challenge that can be overcome by experience. Only seasoned companies that are into cold logistics in Brisbane for long will be able to overcome this challenge. They do so by packing the goods adequately. This makes sure that they are not affected or contaminated during the journey.

3. Interrupted Climate and Temperature Control

One of the stiffest challenges that these cold chain management companies have to overcome is the issue interrupted climate and temperature variances. It affects the safety and quality of the goods in transit severely.

This happens due to the sudden occurrence of a wide range of situations. Under these circumstances, it is the responsibility of the logistics company and the driver to ensure that the temperature of the trailers is adequately maintained or pre-cooled properly to negate the effect of these fluctuations.

So all these explain why experience and expertise count so much when it comes to cold chain management. Hence, if you are to deliver any perishable item, you need to put your stakes on a seasoned cold logistics company. What better name can you opt for, than JD Refrigerated Transport?

For further details, you can call us at 1300 588 022 during our business hours, or write to us at

3 Incredible Benefits of Hiring Refrigerated Storage for Your Pharmaceutical Business

Vaccines, drugs and other medical supplies are temperature-sensitive and need to be stored at a standard temperature in order to prevent cross-contamination or spoilage.

With rapid growth of the pharmaceutical sector, it has become a dire need to hire cold storage facilities to preserve high-value medical products and equipment. Moreover, biological drugs are more temperature-sensitive and delicate. Longer transit times, frequent fluctuations in temperature and delay in shipping can increase the risk of contamination and result in huge financial loss.

This article will shed light on the 3 incredible benefits of cold storage facilities for the pharmaceutical business.

Refrigerated Storage for Pharmaceutical Business

  • Highly Regulated to Maintain Temperature

Vaccines, drugs and other medical products are delicate and highly sensitive to temperature. Therefore, certain temperature requirements need to be met when it comes to storage. Failing to maintain the desired temperature may prove to be risky for patients and other medical use at hospitals.

Custom-built refrigerated warehouse in Brisbane have stringent temperature settings and regulated with tight tolerances that help to maintain the temperature suitable for preserving high-value pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other medical equipment.

  • Organised and Secured For Preserving Medical Products

Vaccines, drugs and medical products are expensive and delicate. For people who are into pharmaceutical business often lack space and storage essentials to preserve the high-value items till the time it reaches the end consumers. Therefore, the risk of contamination and spoilage increases, which can be detrimental to health.

By investing in cold storage facilities, you will have sufficient space to organise your medical supplies and prevent loss of high-value items. Refrigerated storage in Brisbane is highly regulated and protects your pharmaceuticals from exposure to sunlight or moisture; thereby offering complete security of goods.

  • Cost-Effective and Efficient Storage Reduces Stress

Custom-built cold storage facilities have latest amenities and technologies that can preserve biological counterparts as well as high-value medicines complying all the stringent regulations and temperature requirements that are otherwise would not have been possible with any other facilities.

Investing in cold rooms is much more efficient than storing items in separate units at different temperature. For people who lack space to store expensive vaccines, drugs, etc., cold storage facilities are a great option as it provides peace of mind. It helps to reduce the running costs and increase the shelf life of medical items.

Reliable and Affordable Cold Storage Facilities To Suit Your Diverse Needs

Medical products are expensive and therefore, investing in cold storage facilities is a smart choice to get peace of mind regarding the safety and security of the products. At JD Refrigerated Transport, we are enriched in experience and expertise in designing cold storage solutions that match with the latest standards and regulations.

Our cold storage facilities are highly regulated with stringent temperature requirements tailored to meet your diverse business needs. Unlike any other service provider, we have designed our services, keeping your budget in mind. When it comes to temperature-sensitive products, we are your one-stop solution for cost-effective refrigerated storage in Brisbane.

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How Satellite Tracking Helps in Increasing the Cash Flow in Frozen Goods Industry?

When it is about fast-moving goods, the companies that are into this business have to maintain a fleet of vehicles. In addition to this, any mismanagement or wrong decision is always going to impact the business negatively and thus, the cash flow.

According to the research, it is found that a proper tracking system is always going to save billions for a business. There are various ways by which these can be managed. A GPS-based tracking helps keep an account of the movement of the goods and produce by curbing the unauthorised trips, poor route management and product delivery.

Stats Speak:

A survey conducted by a popular warehousing and transport company shows that with the proper tracking the company has been able to increase the productivity by approximately 10%, lower the service cost by approximately 5% and save fuel expense by almost 6%.

In addition to the above savings, there are other associated benefits. The truckers who are into frozen goods transport in Brisbane are also found to be more efficient in terms of speed, location, and completion of the task. This also helps in tracking the vehicle usage and hence, reduces the overall maintenance cost.

How Tracking Increases Cash Flow? A Brief Overview

Satellite tracking has been an inevitable part of the transportation industry. The following are some of the ways by which it has helped increase the cash flow and reduce the expenses:

i. Whipping on the Labour Expense

Apart from managing the cost of the fuels, the satellite-based tracking system is successful in monitoring the driver wages and various labour expenses in the following ways:

  • By verifying the work hours of the drivers and labourers.
  • By keeping in track on various penalties by keeping an eye on the driver’s accountability.
  • By assisting drivers to reach to the destination in case of being lost in the product delivery or pick-up.
  • By eliminating third-party intervention by communicating directly with the dealers or the customers.

ii. Curtailing the Operational Expenses

Another area where most of the cold chain service providers face an issue is the expenses incurred in operation and maintenance. Right from production to refrigerated storage in Brisbane, everything needs to be monitored efficiently. The following are some of the ways by which satellite monitoring proves helpful:

  • By improving the activities and managing all the assets rather than piling goods on one vehicle.
  • Reducing the downtime by assessing the availability of the vehicle and optimising the dispatcher and managers.
  • Managing the fuel consumption by getting an idea of the traffic, weather, or the shortest route.

iii. Keeping a Constant Link between Service Provider & Beneficiary

With the proper GPS tracking, one can get real-time updates about the packed goods and notify the service providers about the expected delivery of the products. In short, it has helped to improve communication and bettered the service.


Be it a small industry or a big one, GPS tracking has helped such organisations to streamline the operation and subtly track the revenue generation. Hence, monitoring stands essential for a business.